Pirate fashion is suitable for Halloween, costume parties, costume play or other themed events. However, you need to ensure your pirate outfit attracts attention and leaves the impression that you have done your homework very well in assembling your pirate costume. Luckily, there’s an easiest way to assemble your pirate costume without hassle. Keep reading to learn more.

First thing First – Know what Items that make up a Great Pirate Costume

Perhaps you’re considering a pirate look for the first time, or you need to add more to what you already know about a pirate look. Whichever way, it all starts by knowing the right items that make up a great pirate costume.

Our previous articles on pirate outfits and pirate fashion contain details on the clothing items, makeup, accessories and props that make up a great pirate fashion. So, grab those articles and read them closely to get more inspiration on pirate clothing items and accessories.

But, in a summary, an authentic pirate look will require poofy shirts or tops in red or black color and complemented with faded and patched/ripped pants. For footwear, boots are more appropriate for a real pirate look.

Top in the list of accessories and props that will greatly accentuate a pirate look include the tricorn hat, a leather belt, plastic sword, fake parrot, a bag of coins, a bottle of fake rum (as you shouldn’t go drinking real rum and behaving like a drunk), the right jewelry such as thick gold necklace matched with gold or silver earrings, makeup such as grey foundation to achieve a tanned skin, skull-image tattoo on the body or a bracelet with skull design (for women).

Where to Get Your Pirate Costume?

The easiest and best way to gather your pirate clothing items and accessories is to go online and shop in online costume store. You will find vast arrays of pirate clothing items and accessories for a perfect pirate look.

You won’t even have to go through hassle, from finding the right clothes and accessories/props to making the purchase. It only takes a few clicks of the button to explore vast arrays of pirate costumes and place your order.

Alternatively, you can head to a local costume store if you prefer to do it the brick-and-mortar way. You will even get assistant on what to choose for your pirate look.

Go ahead and take advantage of these tips to create a stunning an authentic pirate fashion.