One of the most positive preaching and wonderful organizations in the United States is none other than LoveWorldUSA. With the leadership and guidance of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the evangelistic organization has grown tremendously with plans to reach out to people even more. Pastor Chris, along with other distinguished members of the organization, LoveWorldUSA is making moves that are sure to put it over the edge as one of the most influential organizations in America. With collaborations with other ministries such as Christ Embassy and Benny Hinn Ministries, LoveWorldUSA has also shown to be amazing in their teamwork and partnership efforts. In fact, in the early 2000’s, the Ministry collaborated with many organizations from South Africa to the United Kingdom to produce the very first 24-hour Christian network. It is with outstanding accomplishments such as this that have made LoveWorldUSA a leader when it comes to organizations around the world.

As if that was not enough to show the exceptional work that has been produced by LoveWorldUSA, the organization is also well established as a global organization despite its name. Not only is LoveWorldUSA well-known in the United States, the organization is also well-known in places all over Africa, Europe, and other places around the world. In rather a rather successful attempt at spreading a positive message to everyone that they can, LoveWorldUSA has made it a priority to establish itself in different continents and countries all over the world. Not only have these efforts helped millions of people individually, their efforts have helped communities and even countries who were in dire need of an encouraging and empowering message such as the one LoveWorldUSA constantly preaches. Having said all of this, there are plenty more examples of how much LoveWorldUSA is growing. So, without further ado, here is an example of how LoveWorldUSA has partnered with Verizon and is continuing to succeed in the United States.


LoveWorldUSA & Move To Verizon

In what is seen by many as an amazing move by LoveWorldUSA, the organization has decided to partner with the successful Verizon company as a way to reach even more people in the United States than they have already. An article by pastorchrisliveusa.orggoes more into detail on this brilliant move by the organization. The article goes on to explain how starting March 1st, LoveWorldUSA will deliver plenty of Christian content throughout all of Verizon’s platforms. The article continues to explain the main goals of their collaboration with Verizon and how proud they are to be given an opportunity to spread a positive message to people of all ages. Specifically, LoveWorldUSA is offering specials for children, to young adults and all the way up to adults with this move. Simply put, LoveWorldUSA has something for everyone and is proud to be able to be able to provide it.

To add even more to this amazing partnership, LoveWorldUSA has also promised to include some of the same programs that were provided by the organization before the move, this way no one is left out. Also, LoveWorldUSa has made it clear that even though the station is a Christian station with Christian values and morals being preached, any and everyone should feel free to tune in to hear a positive and encouraging message. According to LoveWorldUSA, this move is a way for people to connect with a higher power through their own TV. Without having to leave the comfort of your own home, the organization promises to deliver great content with this partnership. Needless to say, LoveWorldUSA is making moves that will only continue to help them succeed well into the future.