Choose outdoor umbrellas that are water resistant and weather resistant to change for use on terraces, gardens or patios. Best Offset Patio Umbrella here.

Outer outdoor umbrellas we meet in a set with outdoor furniture such as tables and chairs. This outdoor umbrella is installed on patio, terrace, by the pool or in the garden. This outdoor umbrella model is very diverse, as well as the size and color vary. There is an outdoor umbrella type attached to the patio table or stands independently and provides shelter from the sun.

Because it is placed outdoors, outdoor umbrellas should not only look attractive, but also strong, durable, and can withstand the weather changes. For that reason, it is important to choose an outdoor umbrella material that is waterproof and durable enough to stand in wind conditions and unpredictable weather. Many types of materials or fabrics are available for outdoor umbrellas, these are usually equipped with a fungus resistant material that can also help extend the life of the umbrella. Some of these materials for example:

Outdoor umbrella canopy

When choosing an outdoor umbrella, the first thing to note is the canopy. A good umbrella should have a canopy that is breathable and windproof. Canvas material allows air to pass through while providing resistance and preventing wear and tear. The canvas is a fairly durable material and when mixed with a waterproof additive, the color and design can last longer.

For use in a country where the sun is so stinging, it is advisable to opt for polyurethane coated polyester canopies as this is an outdoor umbrella material that provides maximum protection against the sun.

Outdoor umbrella frames

The materials used for the outdoor umbrella frame consist of one or two pieces and ribs at the top for attaching the canvas. Typically, outdoor umbrella frames are made of aluminum, stainless steel, wood, or fiberglass. Even so, many people choose wooden frames because of their natural and rustic appearance, but this material tends to be easily damaged by the wind.

Aluminum and stainless steel frames are fairly flexible umbrella frames as they can be tilted at almost any angle and offer good resistance to the wind. However, aluminum is easy to rust if not covered with protective paint. Fiberglass is an outdoor umbrella frame material because it is created to withstand strong winds.

The bottom of an outdoor umbrella

Usually, the wider the base or the base of the umbrella, the umbrella will become more stable. However, note the position of the bolts and the base material. Make sure the bolt is made of metal and make sure there should be bolts on all sides, can be round or square.

Fabric for outdoor umbrella

Polyurethane-coated polyester Polyurethane (Polyurethane-coated Polyester)

Many factory-made fabrics are suitable for outdoor use. Polyester is a lightweight fabric that can maintain the color from time to time and not easy to faded though exposed to the sun continuously. Polyurethane is a chemical used in many products to create a protective layer or finish. When polyester is coated with polyurethane, this will make the fabric waterproof.

This waterproof and lightweight fabric is perfect for outdoor umbrellas for the patio. Due to the existence of Polyurethane material, this makes umbrellas flammable and should not be used near candles or fire.


Acrylic is another synthetic fabric with its waterproof properties. The fabric is dyed with chemical dyes to maintain the color, so it remains durable even when exposed to external elements. Acrylic material is light and long, often added with ultraviolet-resistant chemicals to make the color does not quickly fade. It is advisable to choose an anti-fungus and anti-UV acrylic fabric as an outdoor umbrella material, thus avoiding the person sheltering beneath it from the sunburn of UV exposure.

Acrylic is available in wide sizes ranging from 46 to 60 inches and is mostly sold in a plain and stitched form, and rarely available in ready-to-use form. With fair use and regular maintenance, acrylic for this patio umbrella can last for about 10 years. To clean it, the cloth should be washed with dishwashing soap.


Canvas is sometimes referred to as cotton duck or painted duck fabric. Gunae make it more durable, it is necessary to add waterproofing additive. The best type of canvas for outdoor umbrella is painted duck. Painted duck is a canvas with acrylic paint solution that works better than canvas umbrella with additional waterproofing material.

This canvas can last for about eight years if treated properly. The canvas that is not given a protective layer will easily moldy, especially if we rarely do the cleaning.